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It shouldn’t matter if you wear glasses, you should still get a great corporate portrait photograph.

Portrait Photograph Joss_Combo-CorporatePortrait_web
Joss’ Corporate Portrait Melbourne

Here is a great portrait photograph of Joss. As you can see, his glasses have been captured perfectly in his corporate portrait photograph.



What does your social media portrait photo say about you?

It’s really important to keep your social media photograph current.  It forms part of your corporate image and communicates loud and clear to your clients and perspective clients.

Portrait Photograph Twitter Avatar Image
Example of Twitter Avatar Image


The right social media portrait photograph will help you attract more business.

A vibrant portrait says ‘I’m up to date with trends, keeping pace with the market and am a leader in my field’.  Compare this to an old corporate photo which says, I don’t care about current trends and what I did eighteen months ago is good enough for today.  Which type of person do you want to work with?  Your clients are also making the same observation. Act now, book your portrait with our Melbourne Portrait Photographer today.

We will capture and communicate your energy and enthusiasm via our professional portrait photography.  Our clients often comment on how much fun they have with our Melbourne portrait photographer during their portrait photo shoot.

Can you afford to keep using an old, ‘will make do’ profile picture?

Portrait Photograph Clickable Copy Website Corporate Profile
Example Use of Corporate Portrait Photograph on website

Updated your corporate portrait…now what?

Start using it! 

Incorporate your new corporate portrait into all your social media campaigns. With our portrait photography package you can select a couple of different portraits that you can utilise.  This means that you don’t have to simply use one portrait in all locations, but mix it up a bit.

Start communicating your fresh and energetic corporate brand across the various marketing platforms that you engage your clients in: LinkedIn; Facebook, Twitter etc.

You can use different images for the various entities.  For example the main portrait image on your website might be slightly different from the avatar photo you use on Twitter or Linked In.  It can be a refreshing break from visual repetition to use multiple portrait photographs rather than the same portrait on everything.

Portrait Photograph - Linked In Profile Picture
Example LinkedIn Social Media Portrait

You can have fun when you get your professional portrait photographs done and still maintain the right corporate image for your business.  Clients want to get a sense of knowing you, and that you are approachable and someone that they can work with.  They derive all of this from looking at your portrait photograph.


It is so true – that a picture speaks a thousand words.  Make sure your words are captivating your clients. Use a professional and accredited photographer to help you achieve the right outcome.

To update your corporate portraits in Melbourne – contact me by email or call me today on 0417 033 774 and I can talk through the details with you, or we can meet so you can see my portraits portfolio.  We will talk through your ideas on how you want to be represented visually, the best place that will showcase your style and how to effectively communicate to your audience.  

Contact me now on 0417 033 774 for all your Social Media Portrait Photography needs.  Pre-pay to get your photoshoot for $545, save $100.

 Make sure your social media portraits are giving your potential clients the right message.

View our portraits portfolio here.

Client Testimonial

“I hired Melissa to take new portrait shots for my website and the results were awesome! Not only did I get heaps of great photos that can be used in different marketing campaigns, the photo shoot itself was also a lot of fun. Denise Mooney, Clickable Copy 2012”

In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter or Facebook.

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